Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is This a Federal Responsibility?

Sioux Falls’ sewer emergency commenced on August 4, quick action by the City’s Public Works Department and executive leadership by Mayor Huether ensued and little over five weeks later repairs are made. Good Job!

The sewage line collapse exacerbated by the severe summer rains caused an emergency and disaster was probably averted. Today in a news story titled “Sewer Repair tally: $1.4 million”, it was reported the total cost of the temporary by pass and permanent improvements and upgrade is $1.4 million dollars. The article also indicated that City officials “are hoping that the federal money will help cover the costs.

Money is tight in a City that has uncertain sales tax revenue in an uncertain economy and is operating on a slimmed down budget using significant budget holdbacks implemented by former Mayor Dave Munson.

While the sanitary sewer system was being repaired, a separate track was also being pursued by City officials. On August 31 the City requested from the Minnehaha County Commission a declaration of disaster that would allow the Governor to declare a disaster and trigger a request for FEMA funds to help pay the Sioux Falls’ repair bill.

Sure it is great for someone else to pay your bills but it should not be the Federal government’s responsibility to pay for what is solely a Sioux Falls problem.

$1.4 million while significant is something the City could have handled. The last I understood, there were almost $40 million in reserves.

Is it any wonder that our Federal Treasury is broke? A break in an old sewer line is Sioux Falls under lots of pressure from Mother Nature should not a Federal case. To have any hope of straightening out the fiscal mess in Washington we must get off Uncle Sam’s benevolent teat. More than a little self reliance is called for.

The Problem is ours, not Washington’s!

Endbar – Taking into account the bureaucratic costs, it cost a lot more that the $1.4 when the County, State, and Sugar Daddy get’s involved. And don’t forget whose money it really is, ditto not Washington’s!

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  1. Well said Joel. As a country we need to take a look at our expectations for government at all levels. There is a role for each level. The federal government should only be responsible for things that cannot be done by state and local government. The "Uncle Sugar" mentality will drive us as a country to bankruptcy.