Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free Speech

There is no celebration in my heart this Independence Day.

I am both depressingly sad (for my Country) and extremely torqued (at our leaders - Executive and Legislative branches) over the so-called IRS Scandal. 

Simply put the Government of the United States has targeted people and by extension groups they organized because of their opinions. That this has happened is not questioned nor in doubt.

I can’t think of anything more Un-American. All Americans hold opinions and the spectrum is extremely diverse, in itself a cause for some tolerance. Most elected officials and many active in politics are motivated in large part because strong opinions have motivated them. Most opinion makers, commentators, and even bloggers are motivated by their opinions.

After the managed “pre report” leaked disclosure, the IRS Inspector General report acknowledged that groups were targeted for special treatment by the Internal Revenue Service because of the cast and special nature of their opinions.

As with everything else that happens in politics today this “scandal” was treated as an uber political matter. Both parties immediately drew the partisan R & D lines seeking to use the issue to electorally damage the other party. Political advantage seems strangely more important than accountability and justice.

The President quickly tried to dis associate himself from any responsibility of this happening on his watch and dismissed the acting IRS Director with little explanation. The President also condemned the activity but has subsequently done almost nothing to identify those responsible. The Republicans in the U. S. House have been pushing for investigation while the Democrats have said they are outraged but believe the matter should just be put behind us. While I understand the Democrats don’t want to talk about perceived political bad news, I am not all that happy with the Republicans either. They continue to let this matter slide away.

Free Speech and the Right to Petition Government for a Redress of Grievances is at the heart of our Country and what makes America different from other nations.

Yes, there are so many significant issues on the public policy plate many that will not be dealt with. (the National Security Agency spying on many Americans, wiretapping of the Press, immigration reform, national energy policy, the ongoing saga of the implementation of Obamacare to name a few.)  Despite this the Government targeting those with certain opinions over rides all others! The Right of Americans to express their opinions is the basis of political debate.

Where is the OUTRAGE? Where are the Liberals?, the Libertarians?, the Press? Not a day should be going by that the President, The Secretary of the Treasury, The Attorney General, The IRS Commissioner and Every Member of Congress should answer what has been done to find and bring those responsible to Justice. Assure the American People that this has stopped.

Is the politics more important than finding out where our Government got off track and who is responsible? As a result of the bombing at the Boston Marathon our government moved heaven and earth in three days to bring the terrorists to the bar of justice. Some reports suggest there were 3000 federal agents involved in addition to local and Massachusetts State Police. Can’t they do the same within an agency of the government?

Doesn’t the targeting of Americans for their beliefs rank at least equal attention?

Happy Independence Day